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Hey, my loves! 


I am so glad you are here, enjoying with me all the good things life has to offer, “Food, Lifestyle, Travel” and so much more! I’ll also take you on a tour of my home and what’s considered the one and only "melting pot of South."

Enjoy this little slice of ham! Get it?...Like Hammoud? Anyways, happy reading!





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About Me

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to my Blog site. I am so excited you have stopped by my page and I hope you enjoy your time here. But, first let me introduce myself - my name is Christina Hammoud. Hopefully you will get to know me a little better, as I am very excited to share some tid-bits of my life with you.


I was born in Miami Beach to a Hispanic and Middle Eastern family. I currently work in front of the camera as a TV personality, and am also an aspiring actress *Fingers crossed* don’t let this fool you I have been Told No!


Sometimes I feel like the odds are against me but I always try my hardest to proceed with a smile and not lose hope. I love food, travel, fashion, art and genuine in-depth conversations.


I consider myself to be an old school soul. My star sign is Libra so it's safe to say that I Love Romance! Did I mention I am currently chasing my dreams? Prior to this I worked a regular "smegular" {is that even a word?} 9-5 job and worked some over night shifts which was oh so not fun! Before that I was a professional dancer and have performed with musical artists and have even been on tour.


My blog is about my food experiences, travel, and lifestyle.


I am open to suggestions on how I can improve my blog.


Thank you for stopping by.






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