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Joy Ride Movie Interview

The energy in Wynwood was electric as fans and media gathered at 1800-Lucky. The food hall's dynamic blend of food stalls and lively atmosphere set the perfect stage. The decor and tantalizing aromas promised a night to remember.

The cast of "Joy Ride" – Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu, and Sherry Cola – were in high spirits, excited to share their love for Asian culture and cuisine. We enjoyed a feast of delectable dishes, including ramen, sushi, bao buns, and dim sum, which highlighted the rich and diverse flavors of Asian cuisine.

The cast shared their favorite moments from filming, particularly the K-pop scene, which they described as a high-energy and fun experience that brought them together. The sisterhood among the cast was evident, and they spoke fondly of the bond they formed during the making of the film.

As the night progressed, we moved to the karaoke room, set up for a night of fun and music. The cast members and influencers showcased their vocal talents, filling the room with laughter and applause. It was a Joy Celebrating with the cast of "Joy Ride" at 1800-Lucky in Miami’s Wynwood was an unforgettable experience. The night was a beautiful celebration of Asian culture and cuisine, filled with heartfelt conversations and fun performances. "Joy Ride" is more than just a movie; it’s a celebration of diversity and sisterhood. If you’re in Miami, visit 1800-Lucky for incredible Asian cuisine and a lively atmosphere. And don’t miss "Joy Ride" when it hits theaters – it’s a joyous, heartwarming film you won’t want to miss.


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