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Night Garden Spectacular

Last night I visited the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and attended the “Night Garden Spectacular” the event was a magical experience! Something fun I recommend to do for the holidays. The experience consisted of food trucks, refreshments, a fairy scavenger hunt, an illuminated garden maze and an interactive light display some even played music. The garden reminded me of a mix between the movie “Avatar” or even “Alice in Wonderland.” From the moment we arrived their was a complete “magical vibe” from the foggy mist, to the light up knick-knacks that can be purchased at the entrance. The moment transcended us into an illuminated wonderland.

My favorite part was the talking tree towards the end of the path which serenaded me. I mean, if it doesn’t work out with a human I can always date a tree right? The night garden spectacular is perfect for a romantic night out or even a fun and magical family event; regardless of the occasion you’ll will capture amazing pictures for your social media feed. 

10901 Old Cutler Rd Miami, FL


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