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Bright Line|Havana Rum Train

Recently I hopped on the Havana rum themed party on the bright line train that goes from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. It’s a perfect way to travel without having to sit in traffic. I feel that this is ideal for any tourist coming to South Florida because they can see different parts of south Florida other than Miami. Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach have many beautiful beaches and fun activities for the whole family. The commute on the Bright Line Train was a very comfortable one.

I am glad to see that south Florida is finally hopping on board with this concept. My co-host Christine Curran and I sampled different bite size dishes in the welcoming reception area before embarking on our journey about Havana’s history. We sampled Mojitos, Cuba Libre, croquetas, empanadas and the traditional Cuban sandwich. All delicious hand food filled with Cuban culture in every bite.

The train experience was a very pleasant one. When arriving on the train guests were greeted with a Miami Club Rum Cocktail. This set the mood for the train ride - it was a party starting with the first sip. The seats are very comfortable and have expandable tables in case you want to dine or have a laptop. The charging stations embedded in each seat were a great treat!

While on the train a group of live musicians stopped in each cabin to perform some traditional Latin music. I must say I had never danced on a train before but now I can cross that off my bucket list!

Since this experience, I have used this method of transportation for traveling to West Palm Beach. Bye Bye Traffic! The Bright Line Train does a series of themed events throughout the year. I can’t wait to hop on the Polar Express! Toot toot!


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